Wolves Among Us & Beneath the Silence 13.10.

Zwei Bands, die in der dänischen Metal-Szene schon sehr gut bekannt sind, kommen zum Gig in die T-Stube! „Wolves Among Us“ mit treibendem Heavy-Sound und „Beneath The Silence“ mit ihrem stimmgewaltigen Frontmann.

Pressestimmen (im engl. Orig.)
The metalcore quintet of WOLVES AMONG US, originates in Aalborg, Denmark and is recognized for their ability to effortlessly combine heavy and poppy sound. The debut album “Collapse”, which was released in 2018 has over 500,000 streams worldwide. In the Fall of 2021 they released their second album “Hollow Gloom”, which is mixed and mastered by Chris Kreutzfeldt (Cabal, Siamese, Unseen Faith, Ghost Iris), and has also been streamed all over the world.
The band is a pleasure to experience live. With intensity, energy and contact to the audience, Wolves Among Us is a band you don’t wanna miss.
Beneath The Silence is a rarity in the Danish metal scene and breaks the generic approach of the genre with a strong vocal leading the way. The combination of ponderous, groovy riffs and vital, melodious vocals creates a sensational fuse of modernity and traditions of melodic metal, which is also the foundation on the debut album “Black Lights”, released in 2022.
In 2018 the band released their EP “Phoenix”, which has reached over 1.5 million streams on Spotify alone, and the band has cemented themselves as a well-known niche on the Danish scene. Beneath the Silence always offers an intense and energetic live show, full of soaring melodies and crushing breakdowns.
Einlass ab 20.00 Uhr

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